My GC labor priority date is Dec 2009. Got EAD combo card for myself and spouse first time in 2012 and have been renewing since then. For last renewal (approved in Jan 2019), mine got approved for 2 yrs and got *EAD & AP combo card*. However for my spouse, USCIS issued EAD card for *1 year only* (valid until 01/2020) and issued a separate PAROLE document (I-512L) with her photo on it, and is valid until 11/2020 (20 months approx). Not sure if it was a mistake from USCIS last time, but it is current situation. Questions: (i) As spouse EAD expires with in 6 months, we are eligible to apply for EAD renewal . Can we also file Advance parole application (current valid until 11/2020) and request USCIS to consider issue an *EAD and AP Combo card* ? (ii) If No, does it require filing form I-765 only (with supported docs) for EAD renewal? (iii) Earlier, we did it all our self and received renewed combo cards all the times except last time for spouse. It is a different case this time, eligible to renew EAD only and not AP. Is it any possibility to get *EAD&AP combo card* hopefully for 2 years like before with any additional info/letters to USCIS? Do you recommend going with an attorney?

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Category: Employment-based Green Card