I have valid H1B visa until Sep 15th 2019 and working in US. I have filed visa extension along with amendment in March 2019. Received an RFE on this petition at the end of May. RFE response fileing is in progress. In this situation, I had travelled to India due to family emergency in July and returned within two weeks. I have received a new I-94 when i return. Can you please guide me to maintain the visa status and continue stay after Sep 15th. 1. What will happen to the current visa extension petition if it approve before Sep 15th OR after Sep15th? 2. Which I-94 record will be extended when the petition get approved? 3. Do I need to file a new H1B extension based on new I-94?

User's Location: cary, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card