Dear Lawyer, I am in my 12th year of H1-B with an approved I-140. Worked with company A and I was laid off with a termination date of July 12 2019. Pay kept coming until July 12. H1 Expiry date and the I-94 date on this petition is valid until 09/30/2020. Found a job with Company B who did my H1-B transfer and started working for them on receipt from June 3rd to June 27th ( 4 weeks). I received an RFE and and the same time, my project was cut with budget cuts. Company C filed for my H1-B and started working for them on receipt from July 8th 2019. The H1-B transfer is pending with an RFE. Currently I was about to receive an full time offer direct with a company D. If I do get an offer, I really want to join them. Question: Is Counsular processing the only option for me or there is any chance of getting an approval for Company D? Can the Company D file for my H1B transfer using approved petition of Company A and I provide paystubs until July 12 and the next 60 days as legal stay with my prior approved I-140? Is my H1-B transfer from Company D is directly linked to the approvals of Company C & Company B? Do I need to disclose my time in Company B where I had pay with both B & A?

User's Location: Syracuse, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card