My H1 extension, H4 extension of wife and daughter and wife's H4EAD renewal was filed in premium on 6/6/19. Around 6/12/19, my H1 extension (and I94) was approved till 12/31/20. The biometrics for my dependants was done on 6/28/19 but H4 extensions and H4EAD renewal is still pending. Their existing H4/I94/H4EAD is valid till 8/31/19. However, visa stamp for all three of us expired in 2016. We are planning to make a short trip to India in August, get all three of our visas stamped(on the basis of my approved extension) Questions- 1) All three will get our visas stamped but wanted to know how it will impact H4? I read somewhere existing H4 extension petition will get denied. Will it impact H1 and H4 stamping in India? 2) More importantly what will happen to the pending H4EAD. Will it get denied/RFEd/delayed due to the likely impact on current H4 extension? 3) Would we have to refile H4EAD again on the basis of a visa stamp on H4 which we are planning to get in India in August?

User's Location: Dayton, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card