Hello, Can you advise me on the following circumstance? - My first H1B started in 2013. - I left US in 2017. I am currently outside of US. - before I left US, I got i140 approved and it had been 180 days before I quit my job. - now in 2019, a US company gives me an offer. - btw, the priority date recently became available. (although I understand it can go back and force) what options do I have to come back to US? I did some research but have the following questions: 1) H1B extension / transfer under approved i140 (the AC21 rule started 2017) I don't think I can do this since the prerequisite is that one needs to hold valid H1B status. since I quit my job and left US, i don't have valid H1B right now. correct ? 2) Recapture the initial 6 years H1B because I've only used 4 of the initial 6 years H1B. Can the company apply a H1B cap-exempt for me to recapture? But the priority date is available, does this matter? 3) Apply Green Card outside US This is not an option for me. because it is a new company and I will have to apply PERM, new i140 etc which will take too long. 4) Any other options I have? Thanks a lot for your advice. Best Regards, Luffy

User's Location: Toronto, Canada

Category: Employment-based Green Card