Hi, I'm an F-1 student at a community college in California. I'm in the U.S. for 12 month already, and studied two semesters. I'm applying for Ecomonic Hardship work permit due to: 1) Medical issues which started in California, including allergies, sleep issues, and others. The medical expenses already cost me $1500, and soon I'll need to pay an additional $600. 2) Part of my plan was to live with my cousin (U.S. citizen) in California, which I did. After living with him for 4 months he had to leave and sell the house immediately. Therefore, I had to find a place to stay ASAP. Due to the housing crisis in Santa Cruz (known and documented issue), I couldn't find a room and had to rent an Airbnb, which cost me $1700. Total of unexpected expenses (housing and medical): $3800. On top of that, due to the chronic medical issue I have, I'm taking less than 12 units load, which is approved by a doctor. My questions are: 1) Do you believe that the reasons above justify Economic Hardship work permit? 2) Do you believe that I'm eligible for the permit, ALTHOUGH I'm not a full-time student (approved by a doctor)? 3) Any recommendation to make the request successful? Thank you so much!!! Sophia

User's Location: Santa Cruz, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card