I got my GC in August 2011. Applied for US Citizenship I-400 online on 1st week of Dec 2018. Got bio-metric prints letter and completed on last week of Dec 2018 On 06/28/2019 got an email notification that there is a change on case status and interview is scheduled I traveled to India on 07/28/2019, the exact day I got the notification. On the next date i.e. 07/29/2019 I was able to see the document online, that I-400 Citizenship interview is scheduled for 08/01/2019 My return date of travel is 08/03/2019. I'm visiting family after 2.5 years. To pre-pone tickets it cost 1200 USD for me and 1200 USD for my kid, a total of 2.4 K All my records are clean and green. Question : At this of tough immigration times, is it suggested to post-pone citizenship interview? Receiving letter after my travel is a good enough reason to ask to postpone interview? Postponing could delay the process longer? Any links about how to request post-pone and any sample letter and links? From what I see/hear it is taking more than 1 year to get to the interview, wondering how I could Gert mine with ion 8 months. Thanks in advance.

User's Location: San Jose, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card