Hi, I recently graduated from Cornell University and submitted an I-765 form for post-completion OPT. The application was received by USCIS on March 26th. However, I have still not received my application approval and am quite worried. I accepted an offer with Walmart E-Commerce and was supposed to start work on June 24th. I have had to postpone my start date twice already (and looks like I will have to postpone my start date again). I heard from a couple of friends that I can reach out to my local Congressman/Senator's office and ask them to send a note to the USCIS to expedite the review of my OPT application. Can you please suggest if this is a path of action you will suggest? If yes - should I reach out to the Congressman or Senator? Also - should I apply on the ground of 'Financial Loss' since I am currently fore-going the salary? Is there any other effective path of action you can suggest for an expedite request? Do let me know! Thanks

User's Location: San Francisco, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card