Am planning to Move from Employer A to Employer B (has contract with direct end client) . Employer B has submitted the H1B Transfer on premium and got an RFE. Employer B provided as follows in the H1b Petition- -- seeking my employment 6/03/2019 - 06/02/2022 --submitted the client letter stating my work starts at 6/10 -- Petition filed on 6/10 and got RFE on 6/18 One of RFE doc requested was - A letter signed by an authorized official of each ultimate end-client company where the beneficiary will actually work. The letter should provide information such as , * the duration of the job * Salary or Wages paid, hours worked, benefits. * a detailed description of who will supervise the beneficiary My Employer B doesn't have my pay stubs to show the wages since Still am working with employer A and planning to move to Employer B once my petition is approved. Will there be an issue in H1B RFE approval if my employer B submits the RFE documents with client letter and other docs but without Paystub (meaning i will continue with Employer A until my petition gets approved with employer B). Thanks

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Category: Employment-based Green Card