Hello Madam, My H1B extension petition was filled along with H4 for my family on 18-Apr-2019 in Nebraska USCIS Center. Biometric of my family happened on 13-May-2019. My H1B extension petition was converted to Premium Processing on 22-May-2019 and it H1V was approved on 31-May-2019. H4 status is still showing as "Case was Received". My Son is going to be age of 21 Years in Oct-2019. He is still in Adult school pursuing GED so no F1 till now. My question are about my H4 Visa options:- 1) I wait for H4 approval, then he will go to india and get VISA stamp. My worry is, he may will turn to 21 years before H4 approve. 2) I will visit India along with him and get my H1B Visa stamped and his H4 Visa. What is the best action for me in my scenario. and what are risks associated with these actions. Thanks for your time and efforts. Regards Shiv

User's Location: Fremont, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card