I need clarification on my case. EB1c filled a year ago a month after I arrived on L1A, the company has financial issues and I am at risk, so I want to know my options. 1. I have EAD valid for a year, i140 is pending in Texas SC and company high statistics of RFE on i140, if I am fired the would not withdraw i140, but would they be able to answer RFE, can new employer respond to RFE i140? Is withdrawn mandatory for the company? 2. can I submit 485j and find a job with similar responsibilities managerial job duties based on A21, it would be a local company and not multinational manager - I never worked for a company before. 3. can I apply for another company on eb2 category + PERM while I have valid EAD, I can renew EAD as long as 485 pending? 4. do I must notify if I change jobs or unemployed, if yes how soon? 5. I have an option to do E-2 visa can I apply for it in parallel to AOS? what would be your advice given my case?

User's Location: NY, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card