My situation: Employer A: Holds my EB2 I-140 with PD of Jan 2010 Employer B: Currently working on H1B with no I-140 Questions: 1) If my PD becomes current, Employer A plans to apply for 485, 140 and AP. Do i need to join him immediately once EAD is obtained OR immediately once GC is obtained? 2) What is the portability rule to change employer. Is it 180 days after applying 485. OR 180 days after getting EAD? 3) What does Employer B need to do so i can be with him without joining Employer A. Does he need to apply Labor, I-140 and 485? Or port from Employer A? How does this timeline work? Please note: My intent is to join employer A who originally applied for my GC, but wanted to know all my options so i can take informed decision. (Because a lot of factors like family, location, pay, personal choice etc. are involved in taking a right decision)

User's Location: San Jose, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card