I am currently working on H4-EAD (Wife is on H1B) . My current employer had also filed for my Green Card (EB3) in 2008 and based upon that has also filed for my I-485 , EAD and Advance Parole in December 2018. EAD and AP have been approved and is in the mail . We are now waiting on the Green Card interview letter. My question pertains to international travel . Both me and my wife want to travel to India for a month but we do not want to take any undue risk indoing so . I understand we have approved AP and hence can travel but if God forbid we are denied Visa stamping (which we might because my wife's employer is getting a lot of Visa denials/rejections and isn't really kosher) and then use AP as a back up to comeback to the US - Can Visa stamping denial backfire and adversely impact us in the Green Card interview stage? What is the maximum downside and the risk we are taking in case our Visa Stampings are denied. Can we go to Canada for Visa stamping because of the better dates availability at consulate in Canada or the same risk is still there regardless of location? We also have Canadian PR .What will be the safest course of action without taking any unnecessary risk ?

User's Location: Yorktwon, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card