Hello, I am currently employed on the final year of my STEM OPT extension (valid up to Nov 2019). My H1B was approved FY 2020 and the status is valid from 10/01/2019. I am interested in pursuing doctoral studies and have secured admission to a program beginning 09/23/2019. I have been advised by everyone to wait till H1B becomes active and then change my status to F1 after 10/01/2019. I have looked into my employer's part time work policy and unfortunately they do not have very flexible policies ( only night classes allowed). Following this, I realize that I may have to defer my joining date by a few days / months ( as case may be) and just work for my employer until Oct 2019 or change of status to F1. I would like advice on how best to achieve this change of status with minimum lost days on my doctoral program. Would also welcome any suggestions on how best to handle the situation I am in.

User's Location: Sunnyvale, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card