I am on H1B and currently working as a full time associate with company A and planning to file a new concurrent H1B VISA with company B. I have few questions on Concurrent H1B. 1. Is there any minimum hours/ week or hours/ month restriction on concurrent H1B (I am planning to file for 40–50 hours per month initially) ? 2. Can I show the work location as my home address in concurrent H1B petition ? and if I change my primary job do I again need to file the amendment for my concurrent H1b location ? 3. Can any concerns be raised by my prime employer A ? 4. In case If I do not have job with employer A, Will my concurrent H1B with employer B be active ? And is there any requirement that my concurrent H1B needs to be converted to primary H1B ? Or my concurrent H1B will automatically be treated as prime H1B after I leave my job from employer A ? 5. Can My employer from company B start my green card process ?

User's Location: Dublin, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card