Hello. Here is my situation 1) I am on H4 (Cap exempt) . Employer A applied for H4 to H1B transfer. H1B approved on June 10th for 1 year. 2) Employer B applied for H4 to H1B transfer and fedex shows delivered on June 10th (Same date as approval of Employer A petition) My questions a) How will USCIS treat Employer's B H1B petition. Someone was mentioning about some last action rule. If employer B H1B gets approved do i need to join them? If i don't join them will i have issue with H1B extension with employer A next year? (Again based on some last action rule i am not aware of) b) Can Employer B hold my H1B even if i don't join them. (Reason: I may want to join them in future i.e may be 9 months later and not now). Will they have issue if USCIS has a site visit with the client? Since i never joined the employer and never reported to the client. Appreciate your help.

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Category: Employment-based Green Card