On April 2nd got laid off from fulltime employer A (i 94 and the h1b petition is valid till Aug 07 2019 not yet revoked as of today June 8th). Joined Employer B (Consulting firm) on May 6th and started working on receipt notice. Got another fulltime meanwhile with employer C and they filed h1b on May 17th (with a start date on June 17th and also I have provided an h1b receipt in paper form from employer B when employer C is filing). On May 29th fulltime Employer C petition got RFE one of the reasons being I have already a pending application with employer B. On June 7th my employer B petition got denied (online status, yet to receive a paper copy) after RFE(employee-employer relationship + eligible for the role) response, what are my options? 1) As of today am I out of status? 2) Can I join employer c payroll next week on June 17th and wait for approval if they are okay to start on their payroll without final approval? If I join on June 17th, will I go in status? 3) Can employer B refile a new application so can I restart work after receipt?

User's Location: Milpitas, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card