From Full-time Employer A I was affected by mass layoff on April 2nd, 2019--- I94 /VISA stamp expiry date ( till Aug 7th, 2019). Filled H1b transfer under premium with employer B (consulting) on May 6th, Started working on receipt then got RFE for an employee-employer relationship, responded back to RFE (currently waiting for RFE). Also got another full-time offer- Employer C filled H1b transfer in premium on May 17th (I gave them receipt notice from Employer B also), even it got RFE on May 29th. currently, the attorney is preparing for Response. If Employer B h1b transfer is denied:- 1) Will, that affects employer C h1b transfer? 2) since my i94 is still valid can employer B refile new application after denial and can I restart my work upon reciept.? 3) Or should I join Employer C which is in process soon after I got a denial from Employer B? hoping Employer C approval will get through as it is FULLTIME. My wife is also dependent on my status for her H4EAD, any change in my visa is affecting her work & status too. my i140 is Approved. Thanks for your support and time.

User's Location: Milpitas, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card