Scenrio: I worked for Company A from 2012 Dec - April 2018 ( Typical Staffing EVC Model) Joined as Direct hire for a Airlines company B in May 2018 , the petition was approved until April 2021 Employer A revoked the H1-B Was Laid off by Employer B in Sept 2018 Went back to Employer A , found a client based project . Employer a Filed H1 Tranfer petition on 10th Oct , 2018 ( It was withing the 60 day grace period) Employer B would most likely have revoked the petition after the Layoffs Received RFE on Feb 25th, 2019 Responded to the RFE with attorneys help on 20 May 2019, along with premium processing Petition status updated onlien on 29th may stating the I-129 petition has been denied and a notice has been mailed. My wife is currently on H1-B in the process of filing for her H1-B Transfer to another employer within the next 10 days Question: Is there a certain number of days within which i must leave the country? What are my options, as we are yet to receive the denial notice

User's Location: Irving, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card