Hello, I work at a company as a Process Engineer. I did my masters in Industrial Engineering. My company filed my H1B application for FY2020. My attorney couldn't find Process Engineer in FLA Database when filing H1B visa so they filed my application under "Materials Engineering". The job description, duties, and responsibilities in the client letter that I provided while filing my application matches with my Industrial Engineering degree but the job title they picked to file the LCA and H1Bapplication was Material Engineering. Also, the wage level is level 2 I was just looking more into the H1B approval process and I snooped around FLC Data Center and noticed that "Industrial Engineers" job title exists. This is what I did my Master's degree in (Masters in Industrial Engineering) and my job duties are identical to the job description provided for Industrial Engineers job title in FLC Datacenter. My questions are: Will this affect the approval process? If yes, what are the necessary steps I need to ask my attorney to take? Will USCIS ask for RFE and if they did can we send new LCA for Industrial Engineer and new client letter with the job title as Industrial Engineer? Thanks.

User's Location: LAS VEGAS, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card