I got H1 transfer approved with I-94 on April 11th with new employer "A" and new client and previous H1 extension with employer "B" got RFE intended to deny because of fraudulent in client letter. the letter was provided by vendor who forged the client document. USCIS called B's client manager and he told he has nto provided that particular client letter and said I stopped working on that day. I provided the H1 extension RFE response on March 25th with the email proofs showing that I received the client letter from the vendor. still there is no update and its general processing. Employer B also send USCIS to revoke my H1(which is H1 extension) along with H1 RFE response. I am planning to go to India, I need to attend visa stamping. Will there be any issue in visa stamping because of my previous H1 extension RFE response is still in pending? If there is no issue in Visa, Will mexico stamping be more easy or India stamping. I am in Texas. Please advice me. What action can be taken on vendor who screwed up my life by providing forged documents. Thanks

User's Location: austin, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card