Background: Company A filed for my Labour/I-140 and I-485.My priority date is in May,2009 filed under EB2 Category.My I-485 was filed in 2012. I received by first EAD/AP card in 2012. I joined company B in 2013 on EAD/AP. Since then every two years I have been renewing my EAD/Advance Parole.My current EAD card is valid for 1 year which is valid till Jan,2020. Last year in July 2018, RFE with respect to Supplemental J was received and approved in Sept2018. Current Situation: My current EAD/AP card is valid till Jan,2020. Supplemental J was approved in Sept,2018. As part of the workforce reduction, I lost job with Company B. In this regards, 1. My priority date being in May,2009 and if it becomes current in June,2019 Visa bulletin under EB2 category and I am out of job, what are the repurcussion and how to mitiage the same to ensure smooth processing of green card under EB2 category. 2. If by chance, the date is not current, what next immediate steps should I take care of ensure the smooth processing of the green card under EB2 category.

User's Location: Fremont, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card