Hello, I am on H4 visa currently in US and my parents are also in US with me on B1/B2 tourist visa. We all are planning to go to India together later this month and I have to go for visa stamping based on extension. I will be filing DS160 now to make payment and be able to use dropbox on the day we land in India. In family section, there is question as is your father/mother in US, how should I respond to it, Yes or No? Since today they are in US on tourist visa but they are going back with me and will be in India when I go for dropbox. Also if I answer Yes, my mom's name on my passport vs on her own passport has spelling variation for first name, which version should I use? In the past I answered No and used the version of her name on my passport.

User's Location: Hartford, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card