My lawyer filed my I-485 with an error on my employment history (Not a fault of the lawyer, as I reviewed the form and didn't realize the problem). I started working for my employer (Company A) in summer of 2016. During summer and fall of 2016, I worked as an Intern on CPT and got paid through another company (Company B). The name of employer in my I-20s for these two semesters is listed as Company B. Then I applied OPT, STEM OPT and H1B based on full employment in Company A and been on payroll by Company A until now (all approved). In my I-485 application, by mistake we listed company A as employer for the whole duration of summer and fall of 2016. We didn't mention Company B's name and the 4 day gap in employment that I respected between summer and fall. Last week I've received an RFIE to submit evidence of maintaining non-immigrant status. Can the error described above caused the RFE. And how we can correct this error even if this was not the cause. I just want to know what causes this RFE and how to address it?

User's Location: clifton, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card