I 130 (for a parent) and I 134 (Sponsor document) for sister I sent signed sponsor document I 134 for my sister in early April for her visitor visa, in which there was a question - If you have submitted a visa petition for anyone - line 26 (At that time, I had not filed for anyone so I selected No). My sister has taken a visitor visa appointment late in June 2019 but I was thinking to speed the process for my fathers I-130. Is it OK for me to start the process for my father's IR5 visa and file an I-130 document? Would the embassy folks in India be able to see that I have filed for my father's I-130 and that may affect my sister's visitor visa application? Or I am thinking too much? If they are able to see that I filed for my father, can they see the date which will be later than the signed sponsor document? Entry in US on visitor Visa while IR5 processing My father is in India and tending to my grandmother but there is a chance he might visit US on visitor visa for a ceremony while I have filed I-130 and it is in process. Would he be able to travel to USA while his I-130 is in process and able to adjust his status (I-485) or there might be complications because of this? Thanks

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