As an international student in the US, I graduated with Masters in Computer Science December 2018. I started working at Company X from January 2019. Company X applied applied for my H1B visa under premium processing. April 2019 my H1B was picked (in lottery). I have the uscis receipt number and If I track that receipt number on the website, the status shows that "Case Received". Now Company Y gave me an offer today. I want to join Company Y. Is there a way I can join company Y and transfer the H1B visa to company Y ? If yes, When can I join company Y as H1B does not go into effect till October 1st. Is there a way I can join Company Y and transfer this H1B from Company X to Company Y before October 1st. If NO, Can I let go of my H1B from Company X and join Company Y on my OPT. If yes, till what date can I do this ? Is there a date by which I have to make this switch so that I can at least move on my opt and let go of my H1B. Can you please provide more detailed options that I have in this case? Would there be a case where I would lose both my opt and H1B if I make this move? If it matters I graduated with STEM OPT

User's Location: Milwaukee, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card