We have a family owned business (owned by my father) where I work as the Director Operations since past 5 years (Approx $3500/month net salary). We are looking for expansions in USA and I am willing to seek L1A visa in that regard to be able to work in USA. We have already registered a company in USA,NJ - to whom I am the President although there hasn't been much financial transaction to it. The business is about manufacturing of chemicals for textile printing. Having an annual turnover of $250,000.00 The business owns property of approximately $1.3million Employing 4-5 Managerial employees and 15-20 labour employees Exporting goods to Europe, USA(1 shipment), South Asia and supplying locally in Pakistan. Have done a vast working in USA, by travelling and meeting, sampling and tried potential collaborations with USA local firms (the joint venture was dissolved). Questions What are the chances of getting L1A approved? What will be approximate costs? How long will it take to get the L1A? Should the application be filed while in USA or should this be applied through resident country and travel after approval? What are we missing and how can we get this application better?

User's Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Category: Employment-based Green Card