I'm working for employer A to client C on H1B and my H1B will be expired on June 30,2019 which means it will be expired in next 2 months.Recently i got an offer from employer B who is vendor for same client that i working and employer B filed transfer in premium with same job , same client.Once the case is received to USCIS [ April 9 ,2019], same employerB sent a withdrawal request[April 15,2019] to withdraw transfer.USCIS processed my transfer and requested for RFE on April 19, 2019[current status is Request for Evidence was mailed ] and My understanding is that withdrawal process timeline might take 30-60 days. I heard that USCIS clarifies with new 2018 rule that they consider companies filing H1B petitions as “related entities”, as long as they all apply for the same job or similar position at the same client. Is that new rule 2018 update policy applies for only H1B cap petitions or regular H1B trnasfer, extensions? As still Im working with employer A and only 2 months left for my extension, if i file my H1B extension now with my existing employer A for the same role , same client, is it be a duplicate filing or will i have any issues with the extension with my employer A?

User's Location: irving, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card