Hi, I am on H1 and my wife on H4(expires 15 Apr 2019). We applied for her Change of status to F1 in Nov 2018. In Feb 2019,I also asked my company attorney to apply for her H4 extension since it is about to expire on 15 Apr 2019 Here are details of both applications: 1. Change of status(H4 to F1): Received by USCIS: 15 Nov 2018 Approved: 13 March 2019 Validity: 7 Apr 2019 - Duration of status(7 jan 2021 as per I-20) 2. H4 Extension: Received by USCIS: 8 Feb 2019 Approved: 20 March 2019 Validity: 16 Apr 2019 - 7 Nov 2021 My company attorney said her F1 status will stay. Even if H4 extension is approved it has no value. But I read in forums and here are some responses: a) According to Last Action Rule her status will change back to H4 from 16 Apr 2019 as it is last approved application b)Last action rule not applicable in this case c)Last action rule is not a statutory law Can you please tell me what her current status is? And what her status between 7 Apr - 15 Apr? Should I apply for her F1 again? or not needed as company attorney says? What will happen to her SEVIS? Is her status F1 as long as SEVIS is active? Please advice

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Category: Employment-based Green Card