I am presently in OPT (it started on Jul 2018) and planning to get an extension in Jul 2019. My present employer has filed an H1B petition for me in April 2019. Is there any possibility to switch employer before Oct? Can my present employer withdraw the petition if I switch or there is a way to transfer it? and Until Oct, I can stay on OPT extension! If they withdraw the petition, is that a bad thing for H1B application next year? There was an employer who offered to join with direct GC application. What is the process for that? If an employer files GC for me while I am on OPT extension, at what stage of GC application I don't have to dependent on the OPT extension anymore? This is a post completion OPT; whoever, I haven't completed my PhD in Computer Science for which I got the OPT. My H1B is filed under cap exempt category through my MS in CS.

User's Location: Hartford, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card