Hello, Background : 1) We both ( wife & me ) entered in USA in Oct 2017 with employer A stamp valid for Sep 2017 to Sep 2019. ( Hence as of today both of us I94 valid till Sep 19). 2) I did H1B transfer complete in Oct 2018 to new employer B ( New I797 valid till Jun 2019 / max out ). Also Did I94 revalidation by traveling outside USA. I also had short vacation in Dec 2018 and entered US back using old stamp of A and I797 of B employer. Question: 3) Now , my wife had travelled back to India in Aug 2018 and wants to come back US. Can she travel back here with old employer A stamp along with my son ( US passport ). Concern: I am asking this question, since wife's name was not included anywhere while doing my H1 transfer consulate processing in June/July 2018. Thanks, Nilesh

User's Location: Sunnyvale, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card