Hello, I was working with employer A from Oct 2008-Feb 2012. While I was with employer A, they filed by Perm and 140 in EB3 category(August 11th 2009 - Priority date). In Feb 2012 I moved to company B and I am working with company B since then. Company B filed my PERM and ported my Aug 11th 2009 Priority date. But Company B processed my application in the EB2 category. So, currently I have the Aug 2009 EB2. I do not have an EAD yet and I am waiting for my date to be current. With recent news bulletins EB3 dates have moved ahead of EB2 dates. My question is 1. Can I file a downgrade from EB2 to EB3 whenever the Action date for EB3 becomes current for Aug 11th 2009 or the EAD filing date for EB3 can be used to file? And when I downgrade, is there a need to file PERM again? 2. If the answer to the above is YES, can I file my I140 and I485 concurrently? 3. Can I file the I140 application in premium? 4. Any other route you would suggest I should take? Thanks for your response and time

User's Location: Pittsburgh, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card