My wife received GC in Oct 2018. But never used it. For my son who is diagnosed with ASD we are trying alternative medicine in India. My wife has been staying with my son in India. She applied GC from USA in 2014. When we received RFE for medicals in Aug 2018, she traveled back and responded. IN between she travelled couple of times to renew EAD/AP based on pending I485. She left the country after responding to RFE. Her EAD and AP is valid till Jan of 2020. She received GC (based on my EB2 India primary application) in Oct 2018 , but she has been out of country and never used it. She is planning to come over in AP and use GC to go back to continue my sons treatment at least for another year. I have been in USA the whole time and both of my children are USA citizens. I have two questions 1. Should she travel to USA to apply for I131 based on her GC or she can apply that I131 from India 2. If she can't apply from India. She plans to travel to USA in June/July 2019 and apply I131 from USA. Can she go back India as soon she applies and receive it at an Indian address or she needs to be in USA till her I131 based on GC?

User's Location: Plano, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card