I have approved PERM and I-140 with my consulting company A under EB2(A) with Masters (PD date Nov 2010). I have been working with client company B for the last 8 years. Now the client offered me a full-time position and willing to do the green card process as well. All the work experience I have gained is at the client company B. I'm weighing my options if I should join the client based on how smooth the GC process will go. My qualification is Masters + 8 years (at client B while employed with my company A). No prior work experience. My question is: Would I be able to use work experience I gained at the client side to qualify for the job filed for PERM while employed by company A? When the time will come to post a requirement for the future job for PERM, it would be hard to convenience client to put Masters + 0 years experience as a requirement. And also not get an audit from DOL.

User's Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card