Hello Indu Trust you are well. Me being IT consultant and wife being recruiter, I met with my wife through professional networking in 2002 and since then we were friends first and then were dating for 10 years. We got sincere about marriage in late 2016 and got married in March 2017. My wife became US Citizen in 2014 through her EB based petition. With EB3I PD:12Jul'06 petition due for interview, I got marriage based interview on 03/07/2018 and got GC from marriage based petition. My marriage is not going smooth and to remain honest, we both like to mutually file divorce without harming each other. 1) What is the effect on my immigration journey apart from delayed citizenship? 2) What can be done to revive my EB based petition if needed? 3) what are the steps to proceed with divorce? 4) Can we separate our financial and other accounts before divorce? 5) Will this divorce require me to be in USA all the time while proceeding? 6) When can my wife start looking for another life partner? I am not in rush but her clock is ticking and I don't wish to delay anything for her. 7) what is your service charge in case I want to appoint you to represent me? Prompt reply is appreciated!

User's Location: later, Maryland, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card