Hi Below is my case 1. I140 approved through Employer A in 2009, PD - 04/29/08 2. Went back to home country in Oct 2009 (H1 extension was denied) and came back to US on new H1 in April 2018 with Employer B. Still working with Employer B 3. Filed I485, 765, 131 with Supplement J based on a bona fide job offer from Employer A 4. Biometrics completed, waiting for EAD Below are my questions 1. As my I485 is in process (through Employer A - not working for Employer A currently), can i parallelly process my GC through Employer B also 2. If yes, Will Employer B need to start from PERM again or can he directly file I485 based on I140 approved through Employer A 3. If Employer B can process my GC, can i retain my PD from the previously approved I140 from Employer A or will i get a new PD. Please note Employer A has already filed I485 based on approved I140 4. What is AC21 portability law? Is it applicable after 180 days of filing I485 or after 180 days of I140 approval? In such a case, do a new employer need to start from PERM or can he directly file I485 I want to see if i can file I485 parallely from 2 diff emp in case there is an issue. Still dont want to lose PD Thanks S

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