Hi Below is my case 1. I140 approved through Employer A in 2009, PD - 04/29/08 2. Went back to home country in Oct 2009 (H1 extension was denied) and came back to US on new H1 in April 2018 with Employer B. Still working with Employer B 3. Filed I485, 765, 131 with Supplement J based on a bonafide job offer from Employer A 4. Biometrics completed, waiting for EAD Below are my questions 1. As my I485 is in process (through Employer A), can i parallelly process my GC through Employer B also 2. If yes, Will Employer B need to start from PERM again or can he directly file I485 3. If Employer B can process my GC, can i port my PD from the previously approved I140 from Employer A or will i get a new PD Thanks S

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Category: Employment-based Green Card