Hi Indu, I had my interview last week in newark,nj, interview lasted for around 1 hr, officer asked about my previous company and geographical locations, this company experience is not in my 485 application as its beyond my 5 years employment history, she asked me why this company experience is missing in my application, i told her attorney wanted filled up the application and he said only 5 years history is needed she typed and printed whatever the information I gave her and took my signature along with witness (someone from USCIS office signed), This company had legal issues and management came out of the case by pleading guilty and agreed that most of the immigration applications they filed are fabricated, I ported PD from this company, Finally she handed over interview result letter with below option selected and she said she needs to review my case further and will let me know if she needs any more documents, do I need worry about it? online status still says my interview was scheduled, taking the signature on my statement is something concerning? Your case is being held for review. At this time, USCIS does not require any further information or documents from you…..

User's Location: EDISON, New Jersey, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card