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Hi Sir/Madam, I am an Indian national. I came to the US with a J1 Visa. It is indicated in my J1 visa and DS2019 that I am not subject to 212 (e) and not subject to two year home residency requirement. I studied in France before coming to the US. I applied for EB1A i140 and it was approved in January and I subsequently filed i485. Now, I am waiting for the green card. My colleagues told me that I need a j1 visa waiver because of Indian nationality even though in visa or DS2019 indicates not required. My questions: Do I need to apply for a J1 waiver to get a green card? The outcome of the i485 application without a J1 waiver? Can I file J1 waiver now even though my DS2019 and J1 visa say I don't need it? I didn't know this before. Can you please advice? Thanks

User's Location: STRATFORD, Connecticut, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card