Hello, I've been with my employer since June 2012 on H1b then with an employment-based green card. My I485 got approved earlier this year on 03/22/2017. The I485 "Received Date" is 12/16/2016 and "Priority Date" is 08/23/2016. Today I received an offer for a similar role, in the same industry, with a very significant compensation increase. I plan on applying for citizenship in the future. How risky is it to take this opportunity and what are the risks associated with taking this opportunity? I heard leaving too soon from a sponsor can raise questions at the time of naturalization. In addition, how can I mitigate those risks and what should I be documenting now in order to support my naturalization case (in the event I get challenged)? Is there anything else that I should know or do? Thank you so much for your answers!

User's Location: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card