I misplaced my old expired passport that had expired US visa stamps and old entry stamps to US. I just have a photocopy of the passport biographic page, visa pages and entry/exit stamp pages and a copy of old i94. For some of the entries on F1 visa, my I20's were also stamped (I believe CBP used to stamp these i20's before 2012 and I have these original I20's). My current passport has current visa stamp. I also have the current i94 form from the DHS website. My wife had previously on J1 visa for 3 month. She misplaced her DS2019 form and her university has no record of it either because they expunge records after certain time period. She has the J1Visa stamp on her passport. Entry/Exit stamps on her passport proving he stayed for 3 months and completed 2 years of home country residency. She is currently on H4 and have valid H4 visa and i94 We are now trying to file for i485 and adjust status based on my EB1-OR category. While I am hoping to find old passport and my wife's old DS2019, what are our options if we don't find them? Can we still file for AOS? Can my case be denied?

User's Location: Bedford, Massachusetts, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card