My 6th year H1b is expiring in Sept 2019 with Employer A. I 140 Approved date is 06/21/2018 and PD is 05/01/2016 (EB2) with Employer A. Planning to do H1b transfer with Employer B (client) using the approved I-140 from Employer A to secure 3 year extension. Employer B might start the GC process in EB3 after year of H1b transfer . My question is after H1b transfer with Employer B, If Employer A withdraws/revoke I-140 within 3 months of approval (meaning in less than 6 months). can PD be retained for future filings? - Reading various forums to have 180+ days with Employer A is mandatory to retain PD for future filings Please do suggest the way to retain PD in my case and an easy approach to avoid future complications with GC.

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Category: Employment-based Green Card