I have an approved I-140 filed by my previous employer, company A (EB3 priority Date Aug 2008) . I am currently working at company B on H-4 EAD.My current employer B has also filed H1B application for me in April 2018.Since EB3 dates are moving fast I am expecting it to become current soon for me. Anticipating that, I just want to understand my options with regards to filing of my I-485. My current comp B does not want to initiate filing Green Card application for me just yet. Comp. A is still in business and is doing well but they got bought over by a new management . They still retain the same name and legal structure though as in 2008. If I wish company A to file my I-485-What kind of support would I need from them in terms of paperwork and otherwise? Do I run any risk of jeopardizing my pending H1B application filed by B, if I do decide to file I-485 with A ? If my I-485 with company A gets rejected for any reasons,can I still use the priority date of Aug 2008 on my approved I-140 at a later time , when my current employer company B finally decides to file a Green Card for me or it’s like a one-time use date only?Anything else I need to be aware of and plan for?Please advise.

User's Location: Detroit, Michigan, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card