Hi CASE: I was in USA between Apr 07 – Sep 09 with Employer A and left US in Oct-09 as my H1 extension was denied. Since then I have been outside of USA. I have an approved I-140 from Employer X with PD of 28-Apr-08 in EB3 category for India. Current month Visa bulletin has a cut-off date of 01-May-08 which means my Employer A can file I485/GC Last year, Company B applied for my Cap-exempt H1 which got approved and also stamped. I was planning to travel to US this month on 24-Apr-2018 to join Employer B. With the current month Visa bulletin and my PD being current what is the best option for me now in view of GC processing: 1. Join Employer B as planned in Apr-18 and have Employer A file GC/I485/EAD while i stay in US and work for Employer B 2. Join Employer B as planned and later do a H1 transfer to Employer A and then only file GC/I485/EAD through Employer A 3. Do not travel to US and have Employer A file GC/I485/EAD/Consular Processing and do the processing in home country in India Please advise what is the best option available for me now? Is there any option other than 3 above? What are the risks/advantages associated with above options? Thanks, Shivendra

User's Location: Delhi, India

Category: Employment-based Green Card