I am Indian by birth and done my MS in the USA. I am on H1B visa since 2009(9th year H1B extension). My I-140 is approved with PD 2014(EB2). Given the present country cap on GC allocation, I think my wait time > 25+ years. I have a 5 year old US born kid and we recently purchased a home and hoping to settle down here if we get GC. However in the mean time (till I get GC) there is no stability in life as I can be laid off at any time. I was thinking is it worth applying for Canadian PR(and possibly citizenship) and work and stay there till my PD for the GC application in the USA gets current. At that point possibly I can relocate to the US and apply for GC. 1) What are the immigration problems I will be facing in this process? 2) Say if I immigrate to Canada this year and work there. If my PD here become current after 15 years, I believe I need to find a US employer who will apply for my H1B VISA and restart the GC process. However since I will be able to retain my PD the employer should be able to file for I-485 immediately. Am I correct? 3) In scenario 2, does the employer have to file for H1B towards the cap or will it no be counted against the cap?

User's Location: Chandler, Arizona, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card