Hi, I have i485 application pending for more than 175 days. So I'll meet the 180 days threshold next week. My i140 application had been approved prior the i485 was sent. Currently my employer faces some financial issues and I'm thinking of switching the employer using my EAD card. The salary as per labor certification is 87K. Ive worked with them whole 180 days and have all the pay stubs with the perm privileging wage. Here are the questions 1. Do I need to find a job with exactly the same pay, or it could be a different. say 110-130K 2. What are the chances to get the supplement J denied if we maintain the same SOC code. The current SOC code is 51-1132, assuming that I'll find a job as developer with Microsoft stack, is the same as the original perm job description.

User's Location: LOS ANGELES, California, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card