I have I140 approved with Company A and transferred my H1B to another company B. The company B hasn't yet filed for my PERM and may do it in another 1 month or so. Now, I would like to transfer to go back to Company A.I am beyond my 6 years of H1B. My questions- 1.If i want to get back to Company A,can i do it?(Does reinstating my I140 enough after transferring my H1B).Do i need to file PERM again if i go back to Company A? 2.If company B files for my PERM, but i still want to join Company A.Is it possible?Will there be any issue in getting back to Company A as my new company has already filed PERM for me?Will there be any issue in reinstating my I140 with company A because of PERM filed by Company B?

User's Location: hosuton, Texas, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card