Currently I am working on EAD which is valid till August 20th 2012. I applied for EAD and Advance payrole extension on May 10th 2012. AP was approved but EAD received an RFE alert from USCIS on Aug 15,2012. Still do not know the content of the RFE. I do not have my H1B as I am working on Adustment of status. My questions are 1.As my current EAD is expiring on August 20th and the extension received an RFE, am i eligible to continue my employment after the August 20th while waiting to answer the RFE. 2.If i am eligible , how many days can i continue to work while a decision is made on my EAD extension. 3.I am trying to request an interim work authorization card (IWAC) from the Local Uscis using Infopass. If the IWAC is approved , am i eligible to work while my RFE to be adjudicated.

User's Location: Fort Luderdale, Florida, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card