Hi, My case is concurrent processing. I added my I140, I485, EAD and AP receipt numbers on USCIS case status website profile. My I140, EAD and AP were already approved and have the approval copy and the EAD/AP card with me. I got a RFE sms on I-485 for a form missing(G-325A). At the same instant, I got the RFE sms for my previously approved I-140. I got the RFE hard copy via mail for I-485. But there is NO postal mail for I-140 RFE yet to my employer. It is almost more than a week since I received the hard copy of I-485 RFE. Was this a mistake on USCIS side that an RFE on an already approved I-140 is raised. I am just surprised by the timing of RFE. I am preparing to respond to the I-485 RFE. Should I include a copy of I-140 approval?(just in case). Thanks, Sidharthan

User's Location: Germantown, Maryland, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card