My employment based I 485 is pending since July 2, 2007 (PD: 12 July 2006/ India/ AOS). I got married on October 10 , 2008. My wife is currently on H1. 1. My lawyer told me that I cannot add my wife to pending I 485 now and must wait for my Priority Date to become current. Is that true ? 2. What are my options if I get my green card approved before I could add my wife to my pending application ? 3. What would be the priority date for my wife's application ? How/When will her I 485 application be processed ? 4. Will My wife get EAD/AP once I 485 is filed ? Does she need to maintain empoyment after filing I 485 ? 5. Can she choose to file I 485 as AOS applicant. Which means she can get her Green card while in US and need not travel outside US. Please advice.

User's Location: Santa Clara, California, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card